​Relax & Rehab

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​​Enhance your massage or body treatment experience by choosing to add: Hot Stone Massage, Hot Towel/Cold Stone Face Massage, Hot Towel Foot Scrub or Cupping (we offer complimentary aromatherapy with all treatments). Choose one (or more) for $20 each.

 Sugar Glow Body Scrub   Buff away rough, dry skin and invigorate your senses. Emollient ingredients and aromatherapy are added to the natural sugar or salt which is removed with hot towels and followed by a luscious coconut oil and essential oils to seal in the moisture and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Treatment is approximately 30 minutes of scrub and 60 minutes of massage. 90 min. $100

Detox and/or Anti-cellulite Body Wrap  We begin with a dry brush treatment for skin invigoration, increasing circulation and collagen production.  All natural ingredients with essential oils are then placed on the skin and covered with towels and two thermal layers cover your body cocooning you in comfort while you relax and unwind. Treatment ends with sealing in moisture. 60 min. $75,  Add head or foot massage during wrap for only $20

Body Treatments

Add-On Enhancements (for Massage or Body Treatments)

Therapeutic Integrated therapies combining swedish long flowing strokes for relaxation and deep tissue to address problem areas. Stretching may be included to increase strength and flexibility.  30 min. $35, 60 min $65, 90 min.$90

Medical Massage  Treatments specific for injuries like frozen shoulder, whiplash, hip problems and injuries that may have been due to accident. This service may be covered by insurance with doctor referral and prescription. 20 min. specialized treatment $40

Lymphatic Drainage  A superficial therapy with deep impact on the health of the body.  This massage uses very light touch to open the lymph flow.  Doing so can increase the immune system, aid in detoxification and minimize edema. 60 min. $75

Prenatal Massage Massage for Mommy and baby.  Comfortable pillows let Mommy get relaxed on her side while receiving relaxing massage to ease her tensions and soothe her soul. Not recommended until after 12 weeks. 30 min. $35, 60 min. $65, 90 min. $90

Massage - all massages are for actual "hands-on" minutes